Manicure Services

Basic Manicure $15

We will shape your natural nails and clean cuticles, massage and hydrate your arms and hands, and finish with polish of your choice.

Signature Manicure $25

In addition to the Classic Manicure, the Signature Manicure adds gel scrub and a mud mask treatment that rejuvenates dry, rough skin. Arms and hands are massaged and finished with the polish of your choice.

Deluxe Manicure $35

The Deluxe Manicure includes an extravagant mandarin exfoliation scrub, clay purifying mask and relaxing oil and hot stones hand massage that leaves hands smooth, hydrated and younger looking. It lightens age spots and reduces the appearance of skin imperfections. With the Deluxe Manicure, there is extra massage.

Pedicure Services

Classic Pedicure $25

In the beginning of this service, we soak your feet in a specially formulated spa solution bath salt, trim and shape the toenails, cuticle care, scrub the feet, gently massage, and finish with the polish of your choice.

Hot Stone Pedicure $30

Relieved tired, achy legs and feet with this remineralizing pedicure. Includes an aromatic foot soak, reshaped nails, and trim the cuticle, and scrub the feet, followed with a hot stone leg massage.

Signature Pedicure $35

In addition to the Classic Pedicure, this time we add relaxing Sea Salt Soak softens and removes dead skin while Sugar Scrub Glow, foot mud mask treatments, warm towels, an essential ingredient, treats rough, dry skin. This pedi also calluses remover and eliminates build-up of dead cells, lotion massage, natural oil moisturizes the feet and regenerating the skin back to a healthy state.

Green Tea Pedicure $45

Green tea is used to reduce dryness in the skin. It is known for quickly penetrating the epidermis so we will soak your feet with antioxidant green tea salt, reshape toenails, trim cuticles, and smooths calluses. The feet are then treated to an exfoliating green tea sugar scrub to exfoliate the dead & dry skin, then applied green tea mask to the stimulation and detoxification of skin cells. Hot stones with a gentle massage.

Dream Pedicure $50

This dream pedicure refreshes with the VOESH New York spa experience. Products used are 100% paraben and triclosan-free including: VOESH branded sea salt soak, moisture scrub, mud masque, and massage lotion. Plus, your choice of a paraffin treatment or hot stone massage.

* Scents Include:

• Lavender Relieve • Lemon quench • Jasmine Soothe • Cucumber Fresh

Organic Pedicure $60

Our best pedicure includes detox volcano crystals, detox volcano activator, exfoliating Sugar Scrub, smooth calluses and applies a thin cream mask on both legs, massage with Collagen Organic Cream to keep your legs moisturized and paraffin wrapped while finishing with hot stone rub and massage. (Scents: Pearl, Lavender, Romance)

Luxury Spa Pedicure $70

Luxury Pedicure with Collagen Bubble Crystals. This pedi has individual Spa sets that are disposable and sanitary, making it 100% clean and hygienic. The top-of-the-line pedicure set includes natural sea salt, Collagen Sugar Cane Scrub, Collagen Cream Mask, paraffin wax, creamy lotion massage, hot stone massage, and hot towel wrap, Collagen foot socks with Olive oil and Argan oil, ultra nutritious moisturizer penetrates quickly to protect nourish and moisturize feet.

(FREE Packet loz Collagen Serum Lotion )

Nail Services

Full Set Acrylic Nails $30 up

Fill In $20 up

Full Set Gel $45

Fill In Gel $35

Pink & White Full Set $50

Pink & White Fill In $40

Dipping Powder $35 +

Overlays Color Powder $40 +

Nail Repair $3 up

Nail Removal $10

French Extra $5

Gel Polish (Shellac) Manicure $30

Shellac French Manicure $35

Shellac Polish Only $20

Polish Change for Fingernails $8

Polish Change for Fingernails with French $12

Polish Change for Toenails $10

Polish Change for Toenails with French $15

Ombre Full Set $50 +

Ombre Fill $40 +

Long nails/coffin/ ponity/ stiletto/ almonld( special shape) +$5

Special Package

Basic Pedicure & Manicure $40

Waxing Services

Eyebrows $10

Lips $7

Chin $8

Sideburns $12

Complete Face $35

Under Arm $20

Half Leg $40

Full Leg $70 up

Back $50 up

Chest $40 up

Kids Services

(10 years old & Under)

Manicure $10

Pedicure $20

Regular Gel Polish Manicure $25

Regular Gel Polish Pedicure $35

Regular French Polish Finger Nails $7

Regular French Polish Toe Nails $10

Complimentary Drink Menu

(Must be 21 years old to drink alcoholic beverages. NO ID - NO ALCOHOLIC DRINK. Accepting an alcoholic beverage from our establishment means you assume any and all responsibilities. We assume NO liability of any outcome that may ari)

Red/ White Wine

Soft Drink